Here is some information to help your kitten settle into its new home and keep it healthy.



At Yippeeio Pet & Aquarium Centre we feed our kittens twice daily according to their weight, with premium dry pet food and we recommend that you also use a premium dry formula food for your kitten eg. Iams or Eukanuba Cat Food, Hills Science Diet or Nutrience.   Many vets recommend these premium foods.   At around twelve months of age your kitten can move onto a premium adult dry food.   No ordinary milk should be given as this can cause tummy upsets – special cat milk formulae are available.    If you intend to change the kitten’s diet, be sure to do it gradually over a week or so to prevent problems such as diarrhoea occur.


Kittens should be treated for intestinal worms at 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks of age then every three months for the rest of the cat’s life.     There are various preparations to treat the worms and we can advise you which one is the best for your kitten when you come in.


Vaccinations should be given to protect your cat.   The first vaccination should be at  6-8 weeks of age, the second vaccination at 12-14 weeks and the third vaccination at 16-18 weeks.   You will receive a vaccination certificate from your vet and it will state when your kitten’s next vaccination is due.   Your kitten is not fully protected until all three vaccinations have been received.   Yearly boosters are recommended to keep your adult cat protected.



Flea prevention is easy in our climate.     Various preparations are available like monthly spot-on treatments which are simply applied to the skin, flea shampoos and rinses, flea powders and flea collars.     Come in and we can advise you on the best flea prevention for your kitten as not all preparations on the market today are able to be used on young kittens.



When you arrive home, all doors and windows should be closed in the room where the kitten will be living for most of the time.    The litter tray, food and water bowls, scratching post and bedding should be placed in their permanent positions and then the kitten allowed to explore the area at its own speed.   Resist the temptation to pick it up until it has accustomed itself to its new surroundings.    If the kitten is to be introduced to other animals in the same household, wait until the kitten has investigated the whole house whilst the other animals are out.   They should then be introduced very carefully and gradually, preferably with one or other on a lead.   There is no reason why all animals should not become firm friends if properly introduced.     When the kitten moves into your home it should be kept in the house for several days, particularly if it hasn’t had at least two of the three vaccinations.


The kittens all use a litter tray with clumping litter for toileting while they are at Yippeeio Pet & Aquarium Centre.    They have learned to use a litter tray from their mother and other kittens.    It is easy to discard the clumped litter with a scoop designed for this purpose.      The tray should be completely emptied and thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and half filled with fresh kitty litter when needed.     The kitten should be inside at night so it will need a litter tray even if you have a garden.

It is a natural instinct for a cat to scratch to sharpen its claws and they enjoy doing this on a carpeted scratching post.   Insist from the start that your kitten only uses the scratching post and not the furniture, otherwise it will become very unpopular and a bad habit will be hard to break.     Catnip can be used to entice the kitten to use the scratching post and deterrent sprays are available for the places you would prefer them not to go.

There are many cat toys available to keep your cat amused.   Some are best for when you are playing with your kitten and some will keep them amused while you are away.   Our staff can advise you which ones are the best to suit your needs.


A simple, short-haired cat brush does a great job with keeping the fur tidy and well presented.  Longhaired cats may need more time spent on their coats so their hair does not become matted and slicker brushes give the best results for this job.    Shampoo your kitten with a mild kitten / cat shampoo while they are young to get them used to the process.     There are several animal shampoos on the market, so feel free to ask us for the appropriate one for your kitten.

Collars are a necessary item for your kitten’s ID Tag.    They come in different sizes and colours from plain nylon to hi-reflective collars which can be seen at night, or fancy rhinestone studded collars.     So, they can be a fashion accessory to complement your kitten’s fur colouring as well as having a practical purpose.

At Yippeeio Pet & Aquarium Centre, we are always happy to help you. Please ask. We are open 7 days a week.

The information in this care sheet is intended as a helpful general guide only.
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