We have listed below a few simple hints that will help you take care of your mice or rats to keep them happy and healthy.


Mice and rats are clean animals and like to keep themselves groomed and looking good and as they will be living mainly in a confined area, it is important for you to keep their home clean, neat and tidy.

It is good to place a small covering of bedding material on the floor of your mouse or rat house.   This will absorb urine and odours and generally make your mice or rats more comfortable.    Also put some in their sleeping area as it will help to keep them warm and feeling snug at night, especially if you want to keep only one mouse or rat.  There are various bedding materials for you to choose from which are available from Yippeeio Pet & Aquarium Centre.


Mice and rats need a balanced diet.   We have a Rat and Mouse food mixture available which can be supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables.    Do not feed them dairy products or salty food and NO lettuce, potato, avocado or rhubarb.

FRESH WATER – is very important

You need to provide a consistent supply of water.    Watering tubes and dishes are available to suit your mouse or rat house.    Make sure, especially during summer, that the water container is kept full as they get quite thirsty.   And remember to keep your mice and rats out of direct sunlight or drafty areas.


Rats and mice need worming every 3 months.    They can also get mites and lice so spray your animal directly when you first take them home and then spray their cage weekly after that.


Mice can live for 2-3 years and rats can live for about 5 years.      They reach puberty in 4-8 weeks and when they get pregnant, gestation is usually about 21-22 days.

Have fun naming your new friend.

For further information, good books are available at Yippeeio Pet & Aquarium Centre.


The information in this care sheet is intended as a helpful general guide only.
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